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Editorial Statement—Creating a Publication Platform for High-Quality Negative Results

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The importance of negative results from well-designed experiments is widely recognized in science. This is particularly true in human studies, where there have been repeated issues of non-replication of statistically significant results, as reviewed and analyzed by John P.A. Ioannidis. A paper on “Top 10 Replicated Findings from Behavioral Genetics” by Robert Plomin et al. is a useful example of how difficult it can be to assemble all the negative results on important topics in behavior and related neurobiology. 

The Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Science (JPBS) has decided to contribute to the problems of replicability in our areas of interest, by publishing papers with critically designed experiments, high quality execution and analysis, and negative results. Clinical trials in psychiatry and neurology, genetic analyses, neurobiological studies, and animal models of psychiatric disorders,would be areas of particular interest. We will also publish meta-analyses related to reproducibility issues, and articles on experimental design and analysis related to reproducibility.

Elliot S. Gershon


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